Company overview


LEDSOFT is a venture business specializing in LED light manufacturing. Since the foundation in 2016, we have been growing fast with the CEO and the R&D team equipped with years of experience and technological competence in the industrial LED lighting market.

‘LEDSOFT' is the compound name of LED and software. It is also a company brand specializing in LED lights with the aim to provide better LED lighting products and services to customers by combining LED with the elements of software. Based in Busan, LEDSOFT has grown into a representative LED lighting brand in Korea and will become a global one in the world LED lighting market from 2018.
With the business philosophy of fulfilling social responsibilities based on ‘the soul of Christianity', LEDSOFT will be a light and salt for this world so that all of the employees, customers, and a company can be happy together.
Never forgetting the original resolution, we will keep our promises to the customers.

I hope to get a lot of support from you. Thank you.

“God saw that the lights was good“

All the employees of LEDSOFT