• Oct. 2018
      registered the products to Venture Narsa,
      Public Procurement Service
    • Jul. 2018
      acquired ISO9001 certification (ISO14001)
      Selected as a good company in Busan
      HIT 500 Excellent medium-term product selection
    • Apr. 2018
      acquired the status of venture business
      (Small & medium Business Corporation)
    • Feb. 2018
      ecognized as an R&D exclusive unit
      (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
    • Jan. 2018
      selected as a company for exportation aid (KOTRA)


    • Nov. 2017
      organized an R&D exclusive department
    • Oct. 2017
      applied for design patent: LED Module Edge
      Security Lamp
    • Sep. 2017
      selected as a company for S&M Comeback
      Aid Funding (Small & medium Business Corporation)
    • Aug. 2017
      established a corporation (LEDSOFT Co., Ltd.)
    • Jun. 2017
      registered the trademark 'LEDSOFT'
    • Apr. 2017
      selected as a company for re-challenge success
      package aid (Korea Institute of Start-up and
      Entrepreneurship Development)


    • Oct. 2016
      established LEDSOFT